Welcome to EnteroBase

Your advanced tool for exploring the genomic epidemiology of pathogens.
EnteroBase assembles, analyses, and interprets bacterial genomes to provide insights for researchers, epidemiologists, and healthcare professionals.

Transform raw reads into standardized, quality controlled genomic sequences
Genotyping & Hierarchical Clustering
Classify genomes into groups based on genetic similarity to facilitate detailed analyses
Epidemiological Integration
Link genomic data with epidemiological context to trace pathogen origins and transmission pathways
Continuous Data Updates
Access the latest genomic data, ensuring you are working with the most current information available
Comparative Genomics
Identify and compare related genomes across a vast database of published sequences
Phylogenetic Analysis
Conduct large-scale phylogenetic studies to understand evolutionary relationships
Antimicrobial Resistance Prediction
Assess resistance pathways to support treatment decisions
Transmission Chain Investigation
Explore the spread of pathogens with tools designed for tracking transmission chains and pinpointing infection sources
Share your findings easily with collaborators to foster teamwork and accelerate research progress