How to Cite EnteroBase?

If you use data or metadata from EnteroBase, or perform analyses based on these data, please cite the following:

Hierarchical Clustering (HierCC)

  • Zhou Z, Charlesworth J, Achtman M. (2021). HierCC: A multi-level clustering scheme for population assignments based on core genome MLST, Bioinformatics, 37(20):3645–3646.

EnteroBase User's Guide

  • Zhou Z, Alikhan NF, Mohamed K, the Agama Study Group, Achtman M (2020). The EnteroBase user's guide, with case studies on Salmonella transmissions, Yersinia pestis phylogeny, and Escherichia core genomic diversity, Genome Research, 30:138-152.


  • Zhou Z, Alikhan NF, et al. (2018). GrapeTree: visualization of core genomic relationships among 100,000 bacterial pathogens, Genome Research, 28:1395-1404.

Publications Using EnteroBase

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